The mystic of interior decor has always been inseparable from Indian Handicrafts. Made out of perfection by the local artisans, Handicraft products are available in a massive variety in the markets of India. And, when it’s about art and crafts, the city of Lakes – Udaipur has been a name introduced so far in the entire world. Udaipur Handicrafts market is not just limited to Rajasthan or India; it’s renowned worldwide! In the local handicraft markets of Udaipur, mostly one may find leather bags, pottery, marble art, brass art, silver, and so much more to revive the traditional vibes combined with modern culture. Adding to this, following this same concept of introducing an aesthetic line of interior décor things, gifts, furnishings, and home accessories crafted by master artisans, Indune has stepped in Udaipur handicrafts market to let know people the magic of art. But, why Indune and what’s so special about it? Well! Here you can find out what exclusive is there about handicrafts available at

What is Indune?

It’s a contemporary store all the way established in the handicraft market of Udaipur. With the strength of master artisans and creative craftsmen of Rajasthan, the store is producing the handcrafted stuff since 1998. But, if you dive back to the time, the store introduced itself in the Udaipur handicrafts market in 2013 along with an idea of online handicrafts platform for the same. The behind thought to set up a handicrafts store that operates online as well as across the globe within the City of Lakes was to build the bridge between the artist and the enthusiast by taking craft directly to the audience. Composing a selection that reflects the dedication of the maker, Indune concept to bring rooms to life with décor things emerged gracefully.

And, from décor lovers to gift-seekers, considerate tourists, and city dwellers visit the store to admire the trove of treasures. So far, it may go hard to find for some to visit the store, but you can always request a pickup facility straight away from the Indune handicrafts store if you desire to look unique stuff manufactured with perfection.

Special Indian Handicrafts available at Indune store

What will you like to have for your home? Is it a distressed photo frame, classically polished mirrors, marble art, decorative accents, retro-style furniture, vintage décor, tile art, spiritual sculptures, brass art, reclaimed wooden objects or antique handicrafts, everything is presented right in front of your eyes at Indune store.

Most of all, this leading place will help you to understand the home décor products executed with Rajasthan’s exceptional vibes while giving the perspective to bring the elegance in Modern spaces with Indian handicrafts.

And, if you are not a physical visitor to them, no problem at all! You can roll-up your eyes on their collection at your fingertips while scrolling through handicrafts shop online.

Fellas! If you want to inspire your eyes with the exquisite collection of Handicrafts, do check out the Indune store now!

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