– an art, mastered by wood-wizards, who deliberately stain, dimple, scrape or refinish a piece of furniture for a timeless heirloom feel that not only gives a character to the space but also makes it a story to tell. Ironically, distressing is the opposite of finishing but once the piece is finished, it can make any interior designer, architect or homeowner drool.

With distressed style furniture having a moment in the contemporary design scene, the old is chic again. Or should we say Shabby Chic – the design style that sprung in the country houses of Britain, and reached the world via bohemians, French designers and artisans.  Soft neutral hues with appearance of age, made the enthusiasts pause and consider these works of art; and India was no exception! The wood-masters of the land of legends soon rose in love with the weathered look.

The craftsmen of India have a tendency to amaze. When we first met an artisan and saw him imparting a rustic finish to a simple looking console, we couldn’t help but cancel the day’s plans and sat there watching: the patience, the hands–as they turned the curves and crevices of an ordinary piece into extraordinary elements, and beautifully misused stains to add intrigue to the console. The final result was…well, we’ll let you decide the word.

Loved for its environmental impact, reclaimed lumber offers that subtle warmth and character that store-bought wood can’t. Taking cues from Cottage décor, this curio cabinet lends fresh, organic elegance to any place setting. For its one-of-a-kind design, the artisan preferred an oil-based finish over the water-based counterpart as it dries slower and let the stain sit on wood to achieve the desired layers. And magic resides in layers.

The popularity of vintage-inspired and restored furniture is here to stay in the mainstream with a number of finishes like crackle, weathered and rustic being sought-after for their bona fide patina. But to achieve the wear and tear of an antique, it all starts with finding the right wood. For this particular Treasure Trove, the artisan found a rarer natural wood before lending it a unique period-decor feel. The hand-finished detail shows-off the wood grain while the intricate metal art-work elicits wow wherever it is placed.

For that nook in the house that has a ‘something missing’ feel in it, there is nothing like hints of retro. This quirky dining set is as fun as it is functional and adds an old school charm to the space, spurring interest among guests.  And with its soft, eye-pleasing colours, it effortlessly introduces the cottage style vibes to the setting. Pretty character-inducer, we’d say!

With a timeless, organic range of distressed objects at our store, we can’t agree more that there is something imperfectly perfect about distressed furniture that only beautiful homes can tell. After all, fab lies in flaws.

Reclaimed Wood


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